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New musical for 2021! A Futuristic Brechtian Western

all gone wrong.

"Green Belt": 
a medium level song index from the Guitarate curriculum blog.

Welcome to R. D. Rhobajt's musical theatre, songwriting, music theory, fiction, music statistics, partisan divide bridging, guitar curriculum, blogging, and other exploits website.

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An audio-reel with 20-second snippets of the songs from the musical "The Creek."

"Another Cup of Tea". The single off Rhobajt's first legit record.

10-minute 1920s Avant Garde musical about a Refugee boat rescue

Youtube video about Billboard Hits researched and written for PBS.

"Guitarot" - comedy skit show combining tarot, guitar, improv, pop culture, & music theory 

A Tramblebury Poem about a sunray strobing through a ceiling fan.

"I Am You". 
A song about general connectivity and guitar overdubs.

Here's a short film Rhobajt's Jug Band made called "The Mystery of the Stolen Jug."

"Love is an Open Door" songwriter's lesson. 
one of the Tonal Trends 
"real-time" music vlogs.

Family Dystopian Xmas Musical as told

by Effex Deusey'

from another dimension.

Here's a scene about "Sparks" from a kids' musical about "Sparks."