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Guitar, Ukulele, & Banjo Lessons

INTRO - Welcome to my Guitar/Ukulele/Banjo Studio Webpage. Currently I teach high school instrumental music at the FAIR School for Arts in Minneapolis, and I also offer a few private lesson blocks Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons at my home studio (off 40th and 3rd Ave S,) as well as online (Zoom.) For current availability call 612-807-0377. Travel-to-you lessons are currently unavailable.

LESSONS - Lessons consist of learning riffs, parts, and songs common to each instrument, as well as some ear training, improv, and songwriting skills. I also like to transcribe and teach songs students want to learn but can't find via published sheet music or internet tabs (which can often be limited in  their accuracy.) And if you're not quite sure what it is you want to learn, I'll help you figure that out using almost 2 decades of teaching materials and experience.

MAKE-UPS - For make-up lessons, I should be notified a day in advance by 9pm, though many day-of notifications are still rescheduled, depending on slot availability. No more than one absence a month please, but again, I can be flexible.

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