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The "10-minute Musical" (or 10-minute play) is a right of passage for every theatre writer. Most seem to be comedies, but mine turned into this kind of this 1920s Avant Garde thing, starting out as a challenge exercise from Gary Briggle at Ben Krywosz's Nautilus Composer Librettist Studio. It performed unaccompanied. Instruments just didn't match the subject matter for me. Multiple roles can be performed by one or more actors, with all lines and lyrics to be divided up by the director. Also, to allow for maximum flexibility concerning timing and actor ranges, tonal centers of musical phrases may be changed at will. Many thanks to my fearless actors, Ninchai Nok-Chiclana, Brandon Cayetano, Selma Petterson, and Joe Picardi, also big hug to HUGE Improv Theater for the use of their space.

SYNOPSIS - humans in a boat travel across a sea or ocean, going from Libya to Italy, France to England, China to Japan, the Caribbean to Florida, anywhere to anywhere, taking place in the past, right now, or in the future. Anyone from anywhere for any reason may become a refugee ...

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