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Aggregate page of Musical Theatre songs and videos.

The Creek

Sexual abuse mentor’s career path is interrupted by a troubled abuse victim.

Peace Charge

Future soldiers charge their enemies with peace signs and flowers.

The Deniers

 The lines between justice and revenge blur as climate-change catastrophe looms.

The Upstanders

Being an Upstander in the face of bullying is hard.  Even harder - Upstanding for the bully.

For Christmas to Come 

After an unimaginable global catastrophe, humans try to resurrect a forgotten holiday.

Searching for Sparks

We all have Sparks that can light flames in all areas of our lives. What's your Spark?

Happy Landings

Particles in the sky conspire to find a way to float back down to the earth.


Shorts, miscellany, things better left sketched.

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