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Here's a playlist of selected pop and rock songs written and recorded, as well as some videos further down the page. For songs from musicals, click the 'musicals' tab.

Thanks to Renee for capturing this snippet of pandemic Irish band practice, here we're jamming a song I wrote based on a mistranslation by the Irish tourism board. 

At one of the CD release parties for my old band our bass player Abe played the whole show in a robot costume.

My friend Toussaint Morrison wrote a song dedicated to Philando Castile over this little banjo ditty I sent him. We played it across the street from where it happened ... 

Holy crap we're an Irish band and it's St. Pat's! Wait is that the mayor? Drive safe.

Playing some trumpet on 89.3 the Current with The Brian Just Band.

Doing "Drunkard's Special" at the jug band battle, like one does.

Banjin' at the Mead Booth with 4 Pints.

Not a song, but probs the best thing I've ever done, a half hour science podcast about the sun with my blood brother Android.

Juggin' on KFAI!

Why are you still here wasting time on this old photo album? Go check out my musicals.

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